Monday, September 15, 2008

Protest Against Hindi Language in India / Shameful Madeshi Politicians in Nepal

Though a fully democratic country, Nepal got its first vice-president with himself talking oath in HINDI language; against which nepali people protested until his apology. But during that time, the madeshi party politicians, made fun of the people of Nepal, using hindi language in the official events where only national language, Nepali is used. They also announced about their plan to make hindi language another national of Nepal.

But at recent time, an event in India proved those madeshi politicians, how foolish they were. In India, where Hindi is the national language, protest were done by the people of the Maharastra state against Bollywood actress, Jaya Bachchan for using hindi language. People's protest went on till she and her husband Mr. Amitabh Bachchan made an apology publicly.

Even with this news on their ears, those madeshi politicians are still talking about promoting Hindi lauaguage in Nepal. On various occasions, these madeshi politicians have complained about not given enough opportunities and limelight. But with such stupidity what do you guys expect ?
And Please do know its all because of such stupidities, people from every corner of the country (himali, padadi, madeshi, everyone) are calling you 'India's Shit'

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Anonymous said...

why do you call our politicians India's shit, In reality your politician were India's shit, dont you know your politician sold Tanakpur and most of our river.
What's big deal using hindi as national language since 80%-90% of Neplese population use it. you prefer to watch hindi movies, listen to hindi musics more then nepali movies and we all are depended in India. what language do you use when you talk with people from madhesh? you call "bhaiya" even there is just born kid.
Do you know the national language of Finland and Switzerland? Finland have two national languages(Finish and swedish), and Switzerland have four national languages (German, French, Italian and Rumantsch).So why ant their politician ashamed?
The few bunch of shameless people like you and Raj Thakre, who talks bigs with little knowledge in limited head draws feelings between communities and races. keep barking we will do our jobs.