Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is The World Learning From Nepal ?

The world had their eyes on Nepal since its very beginning of terror and it has now very surprisingly ended. From a terrorist group to the ministry, the maoist group of Nepal has done it.

With their beginning as a small political party turned unsuccessful, maoist brought war in Nepal(Birthplace of Lord Buddha). Their leader once said in an interview that they started with a single GUN which turned into an armed force in few years. During their period of terror, they killed thousands of innocent people from children to women to elderly people and even journalists. Their financial sources were kidnapping, looting and threatening.

But at present, that same party is ready to run the government, with most of those party leaders who were involved in huge crime/terrorism are now ministers and the topmost leader of the maoist party, the prime minister. Though as a newly formed government theya are shouting loud for an economic success in the country, their illegal activities are still on. Since they earned maximum vote in the recent election (even though by threatning people), everyone is helpless now.

On the othe hand, with war beginning in various countries at recent times, a question arises, "Are terrorist groups coming ahead for terrorism round the globe, seeing Nepal's Maoists' result ? Is the world learning from Nepal ?"

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