Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nepali Internet - It's Not Profit, It's Blackmarketing

In last five years, Nepal has come across a huge development in Information Technology field and Internet has broaden itself widest. But even with such development, such facilities hasn't been cheaper in various places in the country. In other words, government organisations are into the IT field as serious blackmarketers.

With thousands of nepali website budding and more nepali people aware and used to the world wide web, Nepal seems broadening its oppertunities in IT sector. But its a serious fact that, most of the places of Nepal haven't even heard of it and their are many such places where being a websurfer is emptying ones bank account.

In places where internet hasn't reached yet are now making its mark, but in a different way. Despite being much useful, as highly priced, people aren't able to benefit from it. In most such places, government organisation NTC has broaden its services but with unusual high price.
In nepal, registering an Internet Service Provider costs Rs.200 and getting a 2Mbps speed from abroad via v-sat cost less than Rs.10,000 monthly. With such cheaper investment, ISPs are selling those services at the hightest price. To give an example, Visiting website for an hour or two using your CDMA modem and NTC Sky RIM Card costs you about Rs.200 whereas doing the same in a developed area cyber cafe will cost just about Rs.20. In developing places like Chitwan, internet users pay Rs.8000 for just 84Kbps monthly.

We all know, reasonable profit is what any business make, but such huge difference in price is a serious blackmarketing. Will there be any change soon ? Who is watching ? Will government take any action against such blackmarket ?

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