Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fight Against Piracy - How To

Piracy has been on its peak since few years in Nepal. And it has definitely ruined most of the artists and movie makers life. Yet it doesn't seem to stop with Cable Operators showing movies to their consumers buying pirated DVDs.

Using pirated CDs and DVDs is a crime in itself. Showing movies through cable is a lot more serious crime. But is anyone watching ? Where is the government or where are those fighting against piracy ? If artists and companies keep neglating piracy happenning in various other sectors than their own, they won't be able to stop piracy for themselves. We need to understand that, to fight against piracy we need to fight against piracy on everything. If we neglate piracy happenning on indian and international music, we won't be able to stop piracy on our nepali music either. Same goes with movies and softwares.

Sofware and movie original CDs and DVDs are cheap these days, yet the piracy is on. Companies like Microsoft have launched 2 dollar Windows XP but people are still using the pirated for 35 rupess. Original indian movie DVDs are as cheap as Rs.100 but still pirated is on. Will such help to fight against piracy on nepali music ? It's time to think and take serious action against such.

Lets stop piracy on music, movies and software produced from anywhere in the world. This will directly help stop piracy on our music, softwares and movies. Let those sale such CDs and DVDs be jailed. Let such cable operators who have been showing movies without movie producers written authority be banned forever. Lets help nepali music and movies grow.

Lets Fight Against Piracy.

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