Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nepal Government Won't Last Against Nepali Culture

With maoist party leading the government of Nepal, there has been lots of changes in various sectors. From unbearable increase in the national annual budget to insecure social life, people of Nepal are having the worst time. And may be the government wasn't satisfied with that, a week back during a worldwide renowned festival Indra Jatra, the government stood against nepali culture.

In the past, Nepal government had always supported various festivals of Nepal as a pride of the nation. Festival like Indra Jatra has a serious respect worldwide. British film makers have even made a film on the Only Living Goddess on Earth, Goddess Kumari. There are various other festivals of various communities celebrated nationwide by all other communities too. These festivals are pride of our country. These makes Nepal a culturally rich country. So, how dare a government made by us stand against our own culture ?

The recent incident wasn't just againt Indra Jatra or a newar community festival, it was against our, each and every nepali people's culture, against every culture we follow and every festival we celebrate, against our community values and against us. A government who has stood against a festival can stood against every other cultures and festivals in near future.

Though the government have taken its words back against the our culture, we still need to be aware of it, as it can happen anytime soon in the future. And on the other hand, the government shouldn't forget who votes to form a government, Just few political parties or the people of Nepal. With such activities by the government, it won't last long.

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