Monday, September 15, 2008

Sano Sansar - BullShit, Same As We Predicted

"Kawadi rahechha yaar, What bull shit" were words we heard from the crowd when we came out of the theatre. We had heard the first show was house full, but it was just because of a high expection. On its second show, you could hardly see a hundred viewers.

Alike our prediction two months back, Sano Sansar turned out to be a no good movie. We predicted that people won't be seeing a good/natural acting stuffs, and same happened. The movie makers need to know that just a better technology won't make a good movie. Mr. director, Alok has done the worst job than anyone. We request him not to try making about bullshit in the future and stuck in making music videos.

The movie begins with a korean movie scene from "MY Sassy Girl", which though would seem a good start, it ends up with foolish comedy between Nir Shah and the HERO. What da F ? The director isn't even able to bring out the natural acting from an experienced actor Nir Shah. The dialogues are less delivered and more shouted. Using a sound engineer during the shoot recording live audio could have helped. The play boy's character has acted much natural than others, but it has a role not longer than 5 mins.

For those of us who had thought Sano Sansar would bring back the golden era of kollywood when movies like Saino, Kussume Rumal, Lahure and more were made, we now should be true to ourselves and say, "No Way!".

Although, the story telling was better compared to Kagbeni. The team need to watch more korean movies much seriously and as many times as they can, and learn. Cinematography is OK kind. Unnatural acting was a huge problem with most of the actors in the movie. Few songs were good in terms of composition and other few sounded like old hindi movies from the 80s. Qualified sound engineers could have made the sound quality of both the background score and songs much much better. Background score could have been much better. And last but not the least, the worst part was DIRECTION.

We kindly request Mr. Alok and other music video directors not to come in to movie making, and on the same note request those nepali students learning Film Making courses abroad to come and give it a try. And also to Quest Entertainment, " Please do not show this movie in theatres abroad. Wait till your team bring good movies before showcasing abroad. Save of dignity.
Last Word: SUCKS !

note: the driver khalaasi kinda kollywood movies are with much natural acting than sano sansar. Quiet Shameful


Anonymous said...

I REFUSE to watch these kind of "new" Nepali moview.. so called "unique, different, radical and innovative" movies.

I would rather watch Rajesh Hamal movies hundred times, Govinda movies a thousand times.

The last Nepali movie I watched was "Aadhi Tufaan". Yes, it was poor, over cooked, spicy and pathetic to watch but at least the movie gave a serious kick of humour. It was sooooo bad that it gained itself a cult status.

aakash said...

i like this one as well. the self proclaimed new age movie makers!!! hahahah. just by bringing some models who can hardly deliver a dialouge and making the poster look like an indian movie does not make a good movie. and reagarding the so called high definition format, it totally sux, it's like watching a big television. it hardly covers one half of the screen. my final word to the director: you have made the movie like your videos, better stick to video and if you really want to direct a movie plzzzzzzzzzzz take some course first