Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stupid Kollywood & Digital Films - Wake Up Fools

With Quest Entertainment bringing the Digital High Definition Film Technology with its first release, KAGBENI and soo releasing SANO SANSAR as its second one, there are rumours of more nepali movies in digital format coming in future produced by various production houses. But do you know, Digital Film and High Definition (Digital) Film aren't the same.

These days most of us have cell phones with camera in-built. We use it in most cases taking pictures and shooting personal videos. Do you know such videos are also Digital Films. Else than that, movies on VHS Tapes, CDs, DVDs and BlueRay Dics also come under digital movies. So, rumours on upcoming nepali digital movies by same old kollywood so called movie makers aren't same as Kagbeni(Nepal's First High Definition Film).

Many so called movie makers are busy these days shooting movies with their handycams and other camcorders, same as one we use to shoot home videos. And stupid film journalists with zero knowledge on anything are shouting out loud for that as,"New Digital Nepali Film in the Making".

So called senior old day movie makers do need to know that film viewers aren't foolish. You guys aren in this movie making field with zero knowledge about it. So, even if you come up with a High Definition Film, it will be a CRAP and nothing else. So, making movie on handycams is bullshit.

Lastly, we request all those old senior nepali movie makers, "The new generation of movie making has just begun. Please let those who know how to make good movies, make nepali movies now. Go and learn about the movie making if you are seriously interested making movies, or go into some other field you have knowledge about.

ramro film le crore kamaos, naramro film le lakhau ghata khaos.

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