Friday, September 12, 2008

Kiss: Fear Factor

Kissing is a very minor way to express affection to loved ones. Every boy/gal kisses his/her love too often. But do you know doing that is a quiet risky business. A Kiss on your lover's lips or a tongue one though is a real pleasure, it can lead to various transmitted diseases.
We advice to get yourself tested for STDs(Sexually Transmitted Diseases) every three to six months and ask your partner for the same.

Research have shown that there are high risk of diseases like Gonorrhea, Herpes, Syphills to get transmit while kissing. And with teeth or gum problems there are also risk of diseases like HIV, Chlamydia and HPV to get tranismitted.

Think Before a KISS !


Anonymous said...

Hey hajurba,
Its good that u are very sarcastic but as far as I see there are lots of Shadyantra going on .I think u do know everyone says our country is among the underdevelop because of topographical reason yes it is true.Why we are boulded between two gian nations .changing the sentence the two competitors where The southern one is supported against northern by various other dominating countries.Yes if literate and aware human resource of country is the politician,the future leader of the country then we could benefit a lot.
Just look at it yourself .from the jungle they could throw the monarchy down getting foreign support .and more than that their ability to control and manage the whole red army .
In communist thinking ,u the common don't ask why.coz u believe in your leaders,u jsut do what they ask u to even sometimes give up your life like the red army from our country did.If u want aoist to be successful in making Nepal a prosperous country then be like the red army ,don' ask why and criticize coz they would implement their ideas and plans for betterment of us.But if u can't then just ignore it and mind your own business.If those selfish and seat seeker ministers from those other diff parties were not their then they could have done things more faster.Coz they can't do like in tianmen thats why they shared their power .
Understand this ,U have one head and u think right ,same if country has one system of gov then we won't be having difficulty like in other nations.
The misuse of democracy eg Nepal...
The correct use of communism ..PR china.
So am not asking u to change ure views but just don't criticize the gov coz everyone has their own style of doing things ,And Prachanda saying ,he smells rat is also part of politics .Probably to win people's liablity or may be there are several such shadyantras...

me Bhim Prasad Ghimire said...

ha ha ha
real fear factor.