Sunday, September 28, 2008

Say No To Piracy, Lets Be Original For Free

With most of us in Nepal using pirated softwares and our country now a member of WTO, the risk of ourselves being a computer illiterate is no far. From Microsoft Windows operating system to various application softwares we use daily in our PC, is there anything we buy original ? So, is there any was we could get original software for cheap price ?

The answer is YES. And they are not cheap, but 100% free. They are open source softwares.Windows aren't the only operating system the world has. There lot more and much better ones then those developed by Microsoft Corporation. Linux is an operating system competing these days against Windows. Few good things about linux is, it's virusless, it is great in terms of performance and security and its totally FREE.

There are hundreds of linux operating systems available on the internet. Few I personally prefer using are Redhat Linux and Suse Linux. Recently, I am using Ubuntu linux and its simply great too. There's also a nepali linux, which can be downloaded from Another best part about such operating systems is their application softwares are also free and redistributable.

So, why not stop using pirated softwares and instead use orginal ones for free ? If you are willing to make this better change with your PC and your life, request an UBUNTU cd for free from its website.

Let our new life begin with original software, Lets be original.

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