Sunday, September 21, 2008

A War Is About To Begin in Nepal

Known as the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Nepal was known to the world as the most peaceful country. But with maoist revolution, it has a different face now. And again, when the country is heading towards peace, it seems another war is about to begin.

With maoist party voted hightest in the election, they seem ready to run the government far long; yet their illegal activities are still on. Strikes are on by the people round the country due to their illegal activities even after being the government body. And few days back the prime minister cum maoist president Prachanda surprised everyone stating such activities by their party's YOUNG COMMUNIST LEAGUE(YCL) worthy for peace.

On the other hand, the UML party have also come up with their YOUTH FORCE in order to fight with the YCL. Though its also illegal and has been a reason for violence in the country alike YCL, their party are also showing no interest in stopping their activities. There are also rumours on Congress party forming their own TARUN DASTAA though not officially announced.

With political parties bringing up such illegal forces to protect their ministries and luxary lifestyle, this will no way help bring peace in Nepal and is beneficial in no way either. If such activities and support continues, war will soon begin in Nepal. And it seems to be happenning much sooner because the prime minister himself is supporting such illegal activities in the country at the highest level.

Beware, a war is about to begin.

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