Monday, September 22, 2008

Bhimsen Thapa Didn't Built THAT Dharahara

In 1824 AD, when Bhimsen Thapa (First Prime Minister of Nepal) was also commander-in-chief of the army and the most powerful personality of Nepal, he commissioned as 11 storied tower to be built infront of his palace Baag Durbar near Sundhara.

A year after, Queen Lalit Tripura Sundari, daughter of Bhimsen Thapa's brother Kaji Narayan Singh Thapa ordered a similar structure to be built alongside the first tower. The second tower was nine storied high. However, both towers didn't last long.

In 1933 AD, devastating earthquake brought both towers down. While Bhimsen's tower was completely obliterated, two storied of 2nd tower remained. This was renovaled by the Rana prime minister Juddha Shumsher in 1934, which is the structure we know today as Dharahara. Sadly, the site when Bhimsen Thapa's tower stood is now a parking area.

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hajurba said...

We are very much glad that, a day after we post this topic, small documentary on the same subject was shown on Kantipur Television.

Whoever brings the truth we or anyone else, bringing it matters the most.

hats off to Kantipur Television