Friday, September 26, 2008

Dasdhunga - Another Foolish Movie In The Making

We talked abou this earlier and we are bringing it out again, "Just digital high definition technology doesn't make a movie good enough to be watched." Some thing same is going on these days and its "Dasdhunga".

The makers of the documentary, Greater Nepal are now working on a new movie, Dasdhunga. And we call it the worst side of nepali trend. We Quest Entertainment bringing a High Definition technology in nepali film industry, everyone else is showing off themselves doing the same. With people with zero knowledge of movie making, its definitely going to bring up the worst side of HD movies, if this continues.

The documentary, Greater Nepal was a huge success but the same people making a movie is annoying. There's a vast difference in making a movie and a documentary. If you had watched that documentary, you definitely hadn't find anything good enough else than their issue. We salute for the issue they have come up in the Greater Nepal documentary but technically its a big crap.

We hope such movies won't bud up more in future to kill the digital nepali movies like old 16mm.


Manoj said...

Great,whose blog is this?
sorry,who think moviemaking is only the cup of tea for quest entertainment.
suggest to the blogger not to undersestimate other's talent.
we have seen the result of their much hyped film like kagbeni and sano sansar.Those people who spent 70 lakhs in the story like sano sansar can't understant the value of greater nepal and dasdhunga.
have the information that the maker has the diploma study in film making and he has made the fim lakshya which started the treand of alternative film in nepal which quest has just tried to follow.
sorry blogger do try to value other's creativity and dont think only quest has the talent to make great film they only have money and theatre not the heart of filmmaking.
and give you an idea greater nepal is the most powerful documentary made in nepal's history which has impact on the issue and technicals dont have the grudge of expensive equipment.

namrata shrestha said...

i personally believe quest entertainment movies are bullshit. and same goes with this dasdhunga movie makers. i am damn sure about that.

n fren, completing a diploma in film studies doesn't make on a movie maker.

plz don't make us laugh, n make urself look foolish.

Anonymous said...

Great namrata ji whatever u commented on the dasdhunga will be a great suggestion to the team of dasdhunga.wherever you are u must be viewing this film.films will be made with attitude.u might be criticizing because you dont know the film maker.
This film is made with honesty.

apil bista said...

namrata ...donn know how u comment on us ,anyway hope ur wish come true, we will try to make another bullshit movie(Dasdhunga)


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नेपाली कुकुर को बेलायेति भुकाइ भनेको एही हो, के के न होला भनेर कागबेनी हेर्न गाको, W.W. Jacobs को कथालाई चोरेर copyright को मत्लब नगरी, अनी Eric valley को CARAVAN(HIMALAYA) चोरेर हिरो बन्ने जे पायो तेही फिल्म Story पहिलै पढेको र करवन हेरेको मान्छे लाई त्यो फिल्म तल न सुर को लाग्छ, अनी रह्यो कुर सानो संसार को, कागबेनि बाटनै मैले Quest Entertainment को स्तर बुझेर हेर्न जान मन लागेन। हेर्ने साथीहरुको अनुसार कोरियान फिल्म को कपि हो रे My Sassy Girl को रे ....
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I HATE MOVIES by Quest एनेत्र्तैन्मेन्त्। Just a way to rob money of nepali people and make Indian रिचा। JUST GO TO HELL.