Saturday, September 27, 2008

ISO 9001 Certificate Is For Quality ? Don't Joke - Balkumari College Story

Before writing about it, we would like to tell everyone that its not a fiction story but a true article of a college based on Chitwan. We thank a student of that college who helped us to college proofs and to bring out this issue.

A well-known community college in Narayangarh becomes first of its kind in Chitwan to get an ISO 9001 certificate. But being first of its kind in its place is definitely not an issue. So what is ?
ISO 9001 certificate is one given to any firm or institution for its quality. As per our knowledge to be an ISO Certified college one should be a fairly managed, disciplined and with high quality education. But may be we are wrong about it. May be things have changed. May be requirements to get an ISO certificate is different now. Or may be its money that speaks for quality now.

Balkumari college is a one established long back by the community of Narayangarh, Chitwan. Quiet popular for its politics and inside give-and-takes, Balkumari college has been in local newspaper headlines. Months back, during a peace concert, an event organised by Balkumari college itself, there were rumours about student leader, Bikash Sapkota and college administration cheating on the expenses on the event. But no proofs were found.

Later, the college became most of the local newspaper's headline when the students ex-president association revealed the fraud going on inside the college. And the inside story was, the principal of the college and the student leader, Bikash Sapkota were both using the ambulance of the college's health department as their luxury vehicle for more than a year. Even the college students were known about it, but were speechless. A year later, when few of the sincere students complained about it to the student ex-president association and so they reacted. To bring out such shameless activity, the association painted "TAXI" on the college's ambulance. The press release about that was sent to various local and national media houses with pictures of the event.

During that time, the association also caught cheatings on college's books of accounts. The same student leader Bikash was found taking students fee for himself. In this cheat the college principal Mr. Chreenjivi and the accountant Mr. Birendra was found to be involved.
Those were only two examples of the college true quality. There were more and few are still on inside the college. May be these are new requirements for an ISO certificate.

ISO 9001, we salute you for this certification.

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