Friday, September 19, 2008

Indian Idol Ready To Fool Nepal Again

With huge success to collect more than 80 crore rupees from Nepalese only, Indian Idol is back with it 4th season. We hope nepali people will not make fool out of themselves this time.
Last year on its 3rd season of Indian Idol, Nepalese from Nepal and round the world finished more than 100 crore rupees to make a nepali boy Prashant Tamang a winner. Nepalese flooded money for a historic win. But was it really ? We dont' think so. Indian Idol isn't an internatinal competition nor it is where best of the best singers fight for the title. Taking a usual event held every year in India as a singing world cup was a biggest mistake Nepalese round the world made, which ended up giving more than 100 crore rupees to India.
[ And few months after the indian idol, nepal's money again flooded of another competition,"CHHOTE USTAD" to vote another girl from darjeeling, Prakriti Giri. ]

Many Nepalese round the world voted for Prashant Tamang and many funded crores to vote him. With that he was finally announced as the winner. And the INDIAN IDOL is Prashant Tamang. Did they say indian? Well, it seems like a matter of glory to see a nepali boy winning an indian competition. But what has been the outcome ?

Winning Indian Idol made Prashant Tamang accountable to Rs.1 Crore contract, but we clearly need to know that he wasn't getting a crore rupees cash. Immediately after winning the Indian Idol, Prashant Tamang's concerts were held in many countries. But do you people know that, it was the Organiser who earned from such concerts.

It has been about a year since Prashant Tamang became the 3rd Indian Idol. His concerts ended long back. His album was out but the organiser is earning more from it than Prashant himself. The day dreams are offline and he's back to his work as a policeman again in darjeeling. Is that what we Nepalese wanted for him ?

Instead of throwing money for voting him and making a winner, it would have been much better if we had collected money for him and support him financially. Just imagine, if we hadn't voted from him and instead collected those 100 crore rupees for his career and life, wouldn't that had been much much better ? With such amount of money, he could have made 100 albums in his life time and lived his life like a proud Nepali.

We believe we, the nepali people made a huge mistake that time. Lets not repeat such foolishness again. Let us make someone Nepali Idol than an indian idol.


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aakash said...

nice post bro. all of your posts are interesting. the last indian idol really showed that we nepalese are top fools. we chant anti indian slogans just to prove we love our nation. but when the whole of nepal poured their hard earned money into the pocket of an indian company to make a nepali (people forget the difference, he is an indian citizen whose cast is nepali) boy indian idol, it proved that we nepalese like being dominated culturally by indians.