Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cable Operators & Illegal DishTV

Dish TV is an indian cable operator which distrubutes television channels via satellite. Since its an indian company and don't pay a penny as tax to Nepal government, using it is a serious illegal matter. But is anyone watching ?

Prohibiting DishTV is quiet reasonable because of it not paying tax to the nepal government. On the other hand, if it's made legal, many small budget cable operators won't stand long in the business. With such threat to the nepali cable operators, DishTV was announced illegal by the government. But are we aware that most of those cable operators are using DishTV ?

As mentioned earlier, supporting nepali operators, the government of nepal annouced DishTV and various others alike illegal in Nepal. But we see DishTV logo in our television sets even when we have hired satellite channels from a nepali cable operator. How come ?

It's quiet simple. Actually cable operators have to television companies like StarTV Network, ZEE etc as themselves (as cable operators). But getting same channels from DishTV is much cheaper, as they have to pay as a single viewer/family. Though this is a serious crime, since they make a huge profit doing this they hardly cares.

illegal ? Who cares ? Is anyone watching ? Is the government ?


आकार said...

in one english movie i've heard one dialouge repeating.. TIA (this is africa).....
like that, i wanna say (TIN, this is nepal)....... and it will be it forever..

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Anonymous said...

nepal rocks

Anonymous said...

k legal k illegal nepal maa. ani feri nepal maa broadcast ko lagi law pani k chai cha ra testo saro? cable operator ley own televisioin program banayera cable bata broadcast garcha bhaney teyo logo aaunu simple kura ho. broadcast ko lagi nepali law ekdam weak cha jasto lagcha malai.