Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nepal Ambassy & Nepal Government. For What ?

Ambassies of Nepal are around the world to help the nepalese their and of their support. For this, Nepal has invested a lot, the people in the ambassy are even paid high salary. But the question is: do we really need any ambassy abroad ? We think not.

Two weeks back, a nepali student was shot dead in America in an small shop in Houston, Texas. Ashok Bhattarai from Parasi, Nepal was in USA as a student for his further studies. He had just started earning for his studies. After his college hour, he was on his work as a clerk at night. Suddenly a negro man came and shot him down for few thousand dollars. It was a shocking news to his family here in Nepal on dashain festive season. And more hurting news was what the Nepal ambassy in America and Nepal government did.

Most people don't know, When this incident happened the prime minister of Nepal - Prachanda was in USA. It's very shameful that, though the incident was on The Fox News(A very popular national television in USA), Prachanda let himself unheard about it. And even when he was back to Nepal, Prachanda was busy with his politics to speak about Ashok Bhattarai. Seriouly quiet shameful.

On the other hand, Nepal Ambassy in USA also did nothing about it. They didn't even speak a word. Even when Ashok's friends tried to get help from the Nepal ambassy there to send his dead body back to Nepal, the ambassy didn't even think its their duty to help them; instead ambassy staffs were busy enjoying their lives in USA.

So, our question is why do we need such ambassies abroad ? And what's the government for ?
Note: Ashok Bhattrai's friends collected money and helped his family bring back his dead body Nepal.

We pray for Ashok Bhattarai's soul rest in peace.