Sunday, October 5, 2008

Image Channel's Secrete About Asif

If you are a nepali satellite channel viewer, you must have seen him on television. Asif Shah a known name to those watching image channel in earlier days. A used to be VJ and a music video directors (as most of VJ direct music videos in nepal so that they'll play the videos in their own programs more), suddenly disappeared from the channel and the nepali media too. So, what happened ? Here's the secrete story.
Though it wasn't his first VJ career, Asif worked few years in Image Channel. With his power to play more in various programs of Image Channel, he even directed many music videos though he was a director with no direction stuff. Suddenly, he disappeared. And as per himself it was a very tiny incident which people made it a huge matter
On an open lottery program broadcast live in Image Channel, Asif played a cunning game. The top winning prize was a Pulsar 150, and that's what made him do that fraud. Even on such live broadcasted program, Asif tricked everyone and made one of his friends the winner Pulsar 150. No one ever noticed about that, except the cameraperson who was shooting the event. Later, the fraud was known to Image Channel administration and Asif was kicked out from the channel
The fraud was edited(online) in the broadcast so the viewer watching the event live didn't see it.Asif, you suck nerd !

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Anonymous said...

how did you know abt this?is this story true or just a rumor??