Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Speeches aren't enough. We need work

It's a matter of surprise how Nepal is running till date with only speeches and no work by politicians. But enough is enough, and time has now come to make a change.

The ONLY SPEECHES phenomenon has been going on for long in Nepal. And it has peaked its limitation with maoist party in the governement now. But before the election, it was different. To gain huge votes and to win the election, maoist party made the people dream extra large which were impossible to be fulfilled. From railways reaching every corner of Nepal to Cable Cars in various places to unreachable hydroelectricity production and more, maoist speeches made people dream of a luxary life in Nepal. But it all turned out to be a cunning game they played to win the election.

Forgeting their own speeches which also included helping the poorer people first, the maiost government brought various such policies that directly means killing the poor. On such example is the budget. With increase of taxes, everything from food to clothes to home appliances; price of every single commodity has increased which has led to various poor people death due to starvation and sucide. Is this what their speeches or dreams they showed really meant ?

Now it's quiet clear that such speeches won't work. Next time when we vote on any election, lets not vote for anyone just because he/she is distributing luxary dreams or he/she is from some party. Lets vote for someone who's capable of doing what he speaks for, and who is willing to do.
Lastly, for those in the government now, let tell them, "SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND DO SOME WORK".

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