Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dependent Visa - Beware !

May be it due to the worst political situation in country or for a brighter future, Nepalese are going abroad for years now. And this trend is on its peak now. But there are people making their worst nightmare come true by trying to go abroad.

These days going abroad has been a trend. Not just for the students but even for the parents. It has been like an exposure to prove themselves as a high class family. Though it's definitely an oppertunity for the students for better education, but how many of them really study there ?

On the other hand, a new trend has been set in Nepal as way to enter abroad - Dependent way.
Educational consultancies these days are publishing their advertisement about dependent visa. And there are people going on it. So, How it is done ?

Consultancies find unmarried students who are applying for abroad. Then those who are uneducated to don't have ability to go abroad with their qualification or experience are married to those students (Fake Marriage Though). Instead the student is paid some amount. This way, they apply as a couple and they both go abroad. So, where's the risk ?

Since they aren't real couples, though the dependent will be working 24hr/day, the student won't be able to work. So, the student may face financial crisis. Secondly, what if the student gets married to premanent resident ? In that case, the dependant will be of nowhere. And again, the student if wants can blackmail the depedent since he/she is there because of the student and even the documents shows it quiet clearly.

The blackmailing has been is going huge in Australia among Nepalese, and now even the australian government are clear about the fake marriage way. So, Nepalese please beware.


उजेली said...

great information !!!

rupak - sydney said...

i m known to such things. there are people coming this way. but ppl need 2 know that australia government r strict now n they know about this.

so many nepali are caught n jailed these days.

so ppl plz really beware.

thanx 4 da article hajurba