Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nepali Televion Channels And Their Standard

Nepali television channels are budding these days with more prior to news. With people more aware about the political situation, news channels seems profitable business with zero risk. But it's quiet shameful that such channels are more focused on profit and less on quality broadcast.

One such example we see is the ABC Channel. With most bullshit breaking news and almost all bakwas issues and news documentaries, where are taking nepali news channel's standard ? Comaring with other nepali news channels, the radio jockeys and news readers are unprofessionals. Those animated sets and studios are also of the lowest standard. It's also quiet shameful to see journalists on the channel not able to present better programs and issues, and not even able to interview people keeping upto a certain standard.

So, why are they still on as a nepali satellite channel ? Its quiet clear MONEY MONEY AND MONEY and nothing more. Taking about other channels, Kantipur TV and Avenues rocks. Hats off to them. NTV and NTV2 are still more for the government and less for the people as in the past. Sagarmatha is almost same as ABC, but a bit better. Image Channel is a OK kind. And othes ??? We are speechless about them.

We request all the television channels to keep upto a certain standard, so that whenever a viewer changes a channel from a hindi or any other channel to a nepali, they shouldn't feel like something just went into their eyes.

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Anonymous said...

Unless, the TV owners are preparing to pour in money from their own pockets, there is no such significant way to run these new television stations.

The only source of income for any private TV channel is advertisement and knowing the Nepali market and scope is so tiny (compared to, say India and Indian channels), these new TV channels will eventually have to quit - sadly with loss and bitterness.

In addition, these mushrooming TV stations will have to rely greatly on "yellow journalism". Even more sad and desperate will be the conditions of the journalists working for these channels. There are journalists working for Rs.4000 salary and in future will kill to work even for Rs.2000 per month.

Take that for professionalism.