Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scooty Is The Trend

It was 75cc bikes. Then came Sports upto 1200cc which ruled the youth of Nepal for few years. But who have even thought that even sports bikes would be dumped by a so-called ladies drive. Yes, it's the Scooty, and it's the trend.

Since two-wheelers came in Nepal, bikes have always been everyone's first choice, and scooty were known as a worst looking two-wheeler made for elderly people for easy and slow ride till few years back. But in last two years, it's different. Girls who were seen riding sports model making them stand different are now moving back to scooty. And surprisingly even boys are on to Scooty these days. So, How come ?

When scooty entered Nepal, they are more of a two-wheeler made of trash, with almost no good looks. Now, stylish scooty are in the market by same indian brands which broght those trash in the beginning. But this isn't the reason for a change. Indian bikes, we feel are still almost the same as earlier days. It's scooty from countries like Italy, Japan and few other countries with classic and modern deign, bringing a chance. Especially scooty made in Japan are ones. Even with very few in numbers, Japanese scooty brought the trend of boys on scooty. And with same trend going high, indian brands are benefiting. But t's quiet clear, indian bicycle like scooty isn't the trend. SCOOTY is.


उजेली said...

i also like scooty rather than bike.slow,steady,simple and safe !!

Bikran said...

yah ajjkal ko scooty haroo They really look good.i like the italiano one.