Monday, October 27, 2008

NGO - A Business Firm

We all know NGOs are Non-Governmental Organisations established for social service. But as in Nepal it's different. Here, NGOs are profit-motive business organisations.

Nepal as one of the poorest countries of the world, has numerous NGOs and INGOs working for the people as various sectors. Though most of them seem working hard on various social causes, the truth is much different. If we go back to the days when NGOs just began budding, we'll clearly know that NGOs were first established, seeing donars willing to donate for various social causes in Nepal. At those times, NGO seriously devoted themselves on sectors the promised to. But these days it's a different story.

NGOs are mostly profit-motive organisation run by a group of people who are mostly friends or relatives. Providing fake information about works and activities they never did, such organisation are getting huge donations which directly goes to their pocket and nowhere else. Most of NGOs involved in HIV/Aids awareness and Drugs awareness are seen doing such activities. It's a bitter fact that such NGOs are increasing rapidly in the country also because donars are mostly from abroad, who very often comes to Nepal to check if the organisations are doing their work or not. The increasing number of bi-sexual organisations in a recent we can see.

In future, if donars will find out about such frauds, won't Nepal be facing problems on creating social awareness ? Not just the fraud ones, all others doing serious social work will also face such problem.


dhaka topi said...

thaha payo vane haina hajurba, dherai donar haru le thaha paisake yo fraud ko barema.

tesaile Nepal ma donation haru auna kum vayeko ho.

bistarai future ma donation totally banda.

ani khai sarkar le k herirachha? yo sab huda.

sarkar ko akha navayeko ho ki dimag ? pahila ko sarkar ma pugne haru ko ta dubai thiyena, yo naya pani testai ho ta ?

jun jogi ayepani kaan chireko...

Raju said...

Its better to make a good study before commenting anything. I think NGO is doing a lot to sustain Nepal. Just look at the government, they have done almost nothing to Nepal and its NGO and INGO which help to sustain Nepal till now.

Stop writing hawa article.

hajurba said...

हामी यहाँ केहि लेख्नु अघि proof जम्म गरेर मात्र लेख्छों । नत्र मुद्दा हालिहाल्छ नि !

Anonymous said...

That's a preety dreamy statement from Raju, claiming that INGO and NGO have sustained Nepal till now.

Take one example, INGOs funded by UN - what have they done to sustain Nepal? Except for sustaining its own staffs on a high pay roll, those INGOs have done nothing such significanty "positive" to better the situation.

If INGOs and NGOs would.. they could. They could really make some difference.

With over 30,000 NGOs and 200 INGOs registered in the country, why are not we feeling the change???? Why is the country plunged into deeper shit than ever??

And, here's one more stat for Mr Raju: the more the country gets deeper into shit.. the more NGOs and INGOs in the country.

Proof: Nepal. Also, check out African countries.

I am too looking forward to get jobs in such INGOs someday, not for the community, not for the country, but to have a terrific paycheck.

"Empowering local people" is just a sure shot dollar slogan.