Monday, October 13, 2008

Maoists' Forgotten 10,000 Promises

Maoist party spoke a lot about to support those who have lot their family members during their war to the way to politics. But after winning the election by same people's vote, they seem to have forgotten their promises. And are all know that, that's just an example. There are about 10,000 promises they hardly seem to remember.

It has been about a month, those suffered and those who have lost their families during maoist war has been protesting. But those protests seem like making no sense to the goverment with maoists themselves as the top. Few days, back protestors were badly bitten up by the govenment police force. That was the real truth behind the promises they made in the rural areas of Nepal during the election, and people now are slowing understanding.

On the other hand, promises of food and shelter for all doesn't seem to be fulfilled. Prices of daily consumed food price are at its highest. Those without homes are still homeless. And those who have one are worried about maoist government to confiscate theirs like in the madesh.
Even treaties with India seem to be re-thought just in papers. Some treaties are lifted up despite being spoken against during election.

Promises towards the nationality has been broken to its worst. From taking oath in hindi by the vice-president to repeating same blunder mistake by the prime minister - Prachanda, even after such huge protest by the nepali people.

Production of 10,000 Mega Watt hydroelectricity now has been proven a day dream. And railways and cabel cars round the country, a financially impossible thought. Promises maoists made during the election for votes, seem a cunning trick they did.

With no promises fulfilled and their actions all alike those during the King's rule, the people of Nepal seem to prepared to throw maoist party aside from government in the next election.

Maoist party please beware !

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