Saturday, October 11, 2008

Royal Massacre of King Mahendra - Biggest Secrete Revealed

Royal massacre of the King Birendra and his family are still crystal clear in our minds. Though the story of a prince killing his family members came out, we all know that, that wasn't what happened inside the royal palace that time. On the other hand, nepalese history has spoken a lot about such massacre within royal families for power. So, a thought came in our mind - Did King Mahendra really died due to heart attack as we are told ? We tried finding out about it and finally we got the answer. And the answer is NO.

Before death, King Mahendra was on a tiger haunt in Kasara, Chitwan with his wife, Queen Ratna Rajya Laxmi. An hour before his death, there were few elephants in the Kasara jungle with king on one, queen on the other and few army personnels on the rest, were after a tiger. With about an hour of struggle they finally trapped the tiger inside a circle of huge white cloth. To conclude the haunt, when Mahendra was pointing his shotgun on the tiger, queen's shotgun was pointing the king from about 50 meters away. When the tiger was shot dead, king was down too with queen's bullet.

Later, his dead body was brought in a helicopter to the royal palace of Aanptandi, Chitwan. After that, Birendra was called there conveying message of a heart attack death of his father. It took about six hours after that, to coronate Birendra as Nepal's new king. During that time, someone out of the Shah dynasty was handled the king's throne, which most people still don't know.

Fewer people known to the incident believe that, that incident took place for supremacy. But some elderly people of Kasara who witnessed the event say, that is was because of Mahendra's relation with another woman.


Sudip Kafle and Sujan Kafle said...

wat is the evidence

hajurba said...

we have all the proofs including from the ex-armies in the anptandi royal palace.

if you are willing to get from clues, go to Kasara, Chitwan. And ask the elderly people there, who were their during the event as Elephant Mahuts.

prashan said...

this article is simply outrageous... u cannot be claiming such a huge thing and then not support it with even a single piece of evidence...i dont know what is true and wot is not, but even if this article was true, this is just not the way to express it. besides, u cannot tell readers to go themselves to Kasara and talk with ppl..that is just insane!!

hajurba said...

it took months to come up with this article. and now when our hardwork is published, call it a BULL SHIT by anonymous is certainly what we didn't expect. (we rejected to comments though). we do have proofs including VDO interviews of those elephant mahauts of those times, but as per their request we haven't posted their VDO.

So, it's the people choice to accept it as a hidden truth or just let it go.

On the other hand, we would also like to inform that even KING TRIBHUVAN didn't died in Bathroom sliping, but was killed. We are collecting proofs on that matter too.