Sunday, October 26, 2008

Say Yes To Nepali Advertisement

In today's Nepal, if "No To Advertisement" is what you feel, than you'll very soon know that you are a fool. Though it was bit different a decade back, advertisement is a must now. And we believe else than using indian ones, priority should be given to ourselves.

Since advertisement started being effective in Nepali market, indian advertisements have covered most of its area; and the trend hasn't changed yet. Most for the television advertisements are still indian with audio dubbed in nepali language. Though its because of the indian celebs are more effective, it is true on the other hand that, its what making nepali advertisement market dependent. And also its dumping Nepali talents and models too.

In an interview, former model (RJ at present) raised a question, "Do Nepal lack personalities like bollywood celebs for advertisement ?" Quiet frankly our answer is YES. Though it sounds bitter, its true. But what we are conveying is a different message. Lets promote our products ourselves. Lets involve our creativity and our people on our advertisements. We do need to remember that, bollywood celeb advertisements are used in Nepal because of our response to them. Why don't we respond our own, Nepal personalities ? Why don't we promote our products and services with a nepali face.

Lets say yes to Nepali Advertisement.

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