Friday, October 10, 2008

Talking Positive

We are very much glad for your visit and we would like to let you know that we respect your independence of commenting on anything, just like we do.

Recently in a week time, we have received about 700 emails about it and with due respect we would like to speak out about it. In almost every email your question was, "Why are posts on our blog always negative?". So, here's we speaking out.

Critisism in our country are mostly negative, because good things hardly happens in Nepal, may it be in politics or music, movies or anything else. But there are issues we have spoken out from the positive. Hereby, we speak again on those and few new ones.

We have always been on Miss Nepal side. Such contests shouldn't be stopped no matter what. Protestors against Miss Nepal should re-think about if they really want to step ahead to the future parallel to time or stay as ancient people. If they are against wearing less clothes and in favour of being laid back as ancient people. Please do know that, ancient people used to live their life almost nude. Remember ?

Most of the topics on music have been negative, because most of the nepali so-called singers are bringing out albums full of craps. But there are albums of artists like Sabin Rai, Abhaya, Reema Gurung Hada and few other of whom we are eager to post of review.

Kollywood has never been good enough, though there was very few good movies made during the 80s(excluding picture quality terms). Now, when we hoped for a quality nepali movie from all aspect, Sano Sansar blew everyone expection. So, with clear critisism on Sano Sansar, we tried to request new wannabe film makers to come with good movies from every aspect or it will known as trash and nothing more. And if such things continues, golden period kollywood will never begin.

On the policital side, we saluted foreign minister, yadav on speaking in Nepali in India and same time Prachanda sucked speaking full hindi in India. We stil think Prachanda SUCKS. How dare he disrespected our national language ?

Lastly, we respect your comments and hope for more in the future.

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